Soft landings and commissioning management

Handover. It’s part of the construction process with a bad reputation. Working with Hydrock, it needn’t be. We smooth out this journey to provide a cushioned transition to operational use, making buildings better from day one.

There are two ways to reach your destination. Go it alone, or hire a guide. You have a complicated journey ahead, and when you arrive, the journey still isn’t over.

As a soft landings or commissioning management consultant, we’re here to be the guide. Having the handover and transition stages in mind from day one - from procurement, through design and construction - means we identify performance risks before they become irredeemable.

The key measurement for us is actual operational outcomes – not predicted usage, but real-life usage. We regard soft landings as a golden thread, not a silver bullet, and it means you’ll have a better building from the start.

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