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As many of us are working remotely for the forseeable future, we've shifted our event efforts online, bringing you the quality content and thought leadership you've come to expect from Hydrock - in digital format.

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Energy positive developments

Imagine a future where we capture and recycle waste heat from our energy intensive buildings.

A data centre on the ground floor of a former retail unit is recycling its heat into a heat network developed as part of the masterplanning. As a consequence, the nearby Passivhaus designed school doesn’t need to source energy for heat from the grid and we can provide low grade heat for ambient loop heat pumps to deliver hot water to the local hospital.

New legislation will require us all to revisit the energy consumption of our buildings, and for mixed-use developments we think we can benefit from recycling waste heat.

The Digital Golden Thread: what it means for the UK construction industry

Following the Grenfell Tower tragedy, Dame Judith Hackitt called for a ‘golden thread of information’ to be maintained throughout the lifetime of a building.

Our Director of Fire Safety, Chris Chennell discusses what the new guidance means for new construction projects and provide advice on how best to prepare for the new approach.

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Carbon Series #2: Energy use in buildings with Dr Annie Marston

Can we afford to wait any longer to tackle energy use in existing commercial buildings? In our minds, have we over-complicated what’s required? Who’s going to show some leadership?

We shine a light on industrial, manufacturing, logistics and office buildings in a 40-minute webinar led by Hydrock’s leading international building physicist, Dr Annie Marston.

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Carbon Series #1: Design for Performance with Glen Irwin

Within ten years’, operational energy consumption will need to be a third of what it currently is in new build offices based on established metrics produced by both RIBA and LETi. So, how can we get better at understanding the carbon impacts of every decision we take in designing our buildings? For developers, funders and their architectural partners, the key to success comes from engaging your building services team from the outset to help you to design with operation in mind.

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In tune with the climate agenda: what developers need to do.

Join us for a panel discussion – no slides, we promise – that asks, what do developers need to do to prove they can deliver a net-zero development?

We’ve teamed up with leading commercial law firm, Walker Morris LLP, to demystify some of the issues around creating climate resilient developments and to clarify the key steps to achieving net zero.

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Smart working. Smart buildings.

Hear a panel of experts from across the property sector debate what this means for developers and occupiers alike. We will explore:

  • What will new, hybrid ways of working mean for the design of buildings?
  • How can technology be embraced to enable smarter working and the reduction of carbon emissions?
  • What practical steps can optimize the performance of office buildings in the face of such unprecedented change?

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How will battery storage transform the viability of development sites?

Join us to hear a panel of key influencers debate how the latest battery storage technology can transform opportunities for developers, landowners, high energy users and local authorities.

With the Government relaxing planning legislation for large battery storage schemes, the opportunity is now real to think more laterally and creatively about potential development sites. From re-energising redundant assets to supporting meanwhile use, to getting creative with portable schemes - battery storage can now play a part in generating revenue and bringing power to places that previously had challenging grid connections.

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Turning air quality cost calculations into a financial positive

Government regulations place a financial value on the impact of emissions into the environment from new developments.

Recently updated by Defra, the calculation of ‘damage costs’ that link the health effects of air pollution with new developments is increasingly a common requirement for planning and comes with a need to demonstrate how the cost of air pollution can be reduced to zero through mitigation.

In this quick-fire webinar our experts in air quality, energy, sustainability and transport planning discuss ‘smart’ ways to mitigate the impact on air quality, reduce the cost impacts to zero, and even create a revenue stream by future-proofing the development, as opposed to paying a financial levy.

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Whole life-cycle carbon assessments under the London Plan

The Draft London Plan states that for referable planning applications, a whole life-cycle (WLC) carbon assessment will be required, delivered at three stages during the development and construction process. It’s a significant piece of emerging policy for developers and architects alike.

What do you need to do? What are the impacts? How does it impact planning decisions?

Join Charlotte Graimes and Sam Jones from Hydrock for a rapid overview of this proposed policy, with time set aside to take questions.

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The Building Safety Bill and The Safety case: How These Changes May Affect Future Construction

Led by Dr Rui Sun, this webinar will talk you through the main aspects of the bill, including the innovative proposal of Building Safety Regulator and the new Duty Holder system for new and existing buildings.

He'll cover the implications for the ‘Accountable Person’ responsible for the safety of residents, the development and maintenance of the safety case risk assessment and what Duty Holders need to consider during design and construction.

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The new fire safety bill: What it means for your building(s).

Led by Marc Pawson, this webinar talked you through the latest advice from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government; what has changed; and what we might anticipate from future changes with the Fire Safety bill. It also included guidance on new requirements for sprinkler systems in buildings over 11 metres.

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Fire Safety: The future of mass timber in construction.

Mass timber construction has entered the mainstream as a sustainable alternative to steel and concrete. However, in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire, the UK government restricted the use of combustible materials in external walls over 18m. Chris Allery, a Technical Director from our Fire Safety division discusses the use of mass timber in the UK construction industry: what the current statutory regime allows and what it might allow in the future.

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Net zero: what does it even mean?

Myth-busting the world of net zero, this webinar is an introduction to key terms around energy and sustainability. Josh Bullard, Divisional Director for our Smart Energy and Sustainability team, will look at the national energy picture, drilling down from Government through to Local Authorities, to developers and finally the individual.

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Funding net zero - what are the opportunities?

Led by Hydrock Director Henry Easterbrook and Venturenomix founder, Alex Chalkley, this webinar will introduce how different funding routes can swing the viability of our projects.

From grant funding to social impact and carbon offsetting funds, there's a world of financial modelling available to support projects that champion reduced carbon.

Alex has worked in the field of grant funding since 2009. With over £50m in grant funding secured to date (and counting), his expertise lies in Grants for Innovation Projects and Social Impact Grant Funding.

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The global climate emergency vs. the local planning system.

Rebecca Lydon from our Smart Energy and Sustainability team will be talking about how local authorities manage their interpretations of the national planning policy framework; how planning systems might respond to the climate emergency going forward; and how sustainability-related conditions placed upon developments are expected to evolve in future.

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The route map to net zero.

Chris Scott, from our Smart Energy and Sustainability team, will be leading this webinar and talking through the milestones to reach net zero, assessing where the UK stands now, what milestones we know are on the horizon, and what we anticipate might happen next.

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Discussion: Right-sizing office space for a new world

Join our panel of five specialists as they debate the impact this unforseen pandemic could have on the real estate market. When office workers finally return to the workplace, will office space be fit for purpose? Is flexible space the only game in town now? What are the alternative uses, and what will the knock-on impact be?

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