WELL worth it?

The commercial case for wellbeing in buildings: How it creates value.

This is no longer a luxury. This is impacting commercial success. The bottom line. 

Hosted by New London Architecture (NLA), join us for a thought-provoking session that looks at the future of workspace and demonstrates how an investment in wellbeing can have a fundamentally positive effect on productivity and the bottom line of any business.

Chris Bowie-Hill of Hydrock will argue that an investment in workspace is an investment in people. Our future workplace leaders, the millennials, are influenced more by their environment and sense of place than by salary, so how can we afford not to invest in workspaces that generate greater productivity? The engineering and architectural solutions are in our hands. The commercial case stacks up. So, who needs convincing? 

Our guest speaker, Caleb Parker, Founder and CEO of Bold, is at the forefront of delivering ‘space as a service’, recognising the demand for flexibility to switch between creative, collaborative space, and quiet space. It’s classic ‘disruptor’ territory. Caleb will explain how his business is re-defining traditional approaches to real estate based on what people want and expect from their workplace. 

The event will kindly be facilitated by Joanna Watchman, founder of Work in Mind and B2B agency Content Coms.  Work in Mind is an online platform that brings together new thinking, ideas and research on healthy buildings and workplaces and their positive impact on our health and productivity.

Our speakers

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