Strategic Projects

We provide an accountable single point of contact who is empowered, approachable, agile and able to balance process with the individual human interfaces necessary to make a good project a great project.

Our ‘Strategic Projects’ team is at the heart of shaping future communities, optimising strategic land and enabling sustainable energy solutions that help to address global climate challenges.

Our approach

Our value lies in how we deliver standout projects by integrating our engineering services using a Human Centred approach.

We hand-pick our team, looking for distinct traits and characteristics that we know make the difference between delivering a good project and a great project. Each member of our team is as an accountable single point of contact who is empowered, approachable, agile and able to balance process with relatable inter-personal skills.

How we can help

From bid to delivery, we work with both public and private clients across a wide range of sectors, shaping sustainable, energy-efficient, and future-proofed property and infrastructure assets that meet net-zero goals and reflect the increasing focus on ESG by the investor community.

By their very nature, complex projects require co-ordination from a number of engineering disciplines. By acting as a single point of contact, the Strategic Projects team plays a key role in simplifying and streamlining project complexities. With in-depth knowledge of the capabilities of our business, we draw upon our technical experts, technology, data and a proven approach, to help shape unique solutions to make clients’ ideas a reality.

An important benefit often shared by our clients is that by simply having one person to contact means that communication is streamlined, with output from various disciplines co-ordinated and accountable by one person, saving valuable time and avoiding information gaps.

We have a human-centred approach to managing outcome-driven projects and here’s how that makes a difference:

“The whole process has been painless, the single POC is a real differentiator” - Lambert Smith Hampton

“Hydrock have absolutely got all the disciplines nailed down that we need and deliver it in a really clear co-ordinated fashion. As a client, that’s ideal.” - The Wave

Let's talk

Our Strategic Projects team is working with clients throughout the entire property and asset management lifecycle, representing the full range of expertise within Hydrock.

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