Air Quality

When air quality is protected and improved, it allows people, places and communities to thrive.

To achieve the best possible outcome for clients, developments, occupiers and the community, air quality should be engaged with as proactively and early as possible.

Our experienced team of air quality consultants operate across the built environment, from small residential schemes to major mixed-use and commercial developments.

Working in sectors including residential, retail, commercial, smart energy, and transport our specialists add value to developments by designing cost-effective solutions, creating mitigation strategies, and providing expert support and guidance.

From air quality scoping and assessments, through to construction noise monitoring, we are here to ensure that planning is achieved, compliance is met, and air quality is protected and improved.

Air quality for planning

Whether it’s a new housing development requiring point source assessments, or changing transportation infrastructure needing traffic assessments, the ability to illustrate any impact on air quality is a fundamental part of the planning process.

Through air quality assessments and air quality statements, we provide the data that shows the impact of a proposed development on the air quality of an existing environment, and vice versa.

Air quality for construction

Demolition and construction works are key to improving our communities and are common place in our everyday lives. However, noise, dust and vibration generated from demolition and construction sites can have a significant impact on their surrounding areas.

All sites have a commitment to minimising this impact, and to achieving acceptable standards of environmental performance in regards to noise, dust and vibration. A proactive approach is vital, as failure to meet standards can lead to suspension of site activities, onerous working restrictions being enforced, and complaints, which may lead to investigation and formal action being taken.

Our air quality specialisations

  • Air Quality Assessments – supporting feasibility studies, planning applications and EIA’s
  • Dispersion modelling – analysis of pollutant concentrations for many different scenarios
  • Dust and Construction Risk Assessments – providing strategies to mitigate dust and improve health
  • Dust and Construction Monitoring – supporting contractors to meet their legal obligations and comply with environmental regulations during the construction phase
  • Odour assessments – impact assessments to prevent odour complaints and issues

Our air quality consultants can help you with:

  • Modelling, monitoring and assessing air quality
  • Supporting local authorities across the UK
  • Using existing air quality data to advise on future strategy
  • Indoor air quality assessments
  • Utilising knowledge of local, regional and national air quality targets and necessary compliance.
  • Traffic impact assessments for air quality
  • Mitigation and Damage cost analysis
  • WELL and BREEAM expertise

From concept all the way through construction and commissioning, our air quality consultants are here to advise and support.