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Digital Building Safety

New roles and requirements are changing the building industry for the better. We can help you embed best practice in every project.

In the wake of the Grenfell tragedy, the Building Safety Act, which received royal ascent in April 2022, mandated industry-wide changes for the UK construction industry.

We have established a dedicated building safety team of information managers and building control experts to help you understand what is needed. We can help you navigate these changes.

Our Digital Building Safety team will keep you ahead of the curve, mitigate your risk of non-compliance, and ensure people and communities are kept safe.

Our approach goes far beyond current regulatory standards, promoting competency and ‘the right attitude’ as standard. From bespoke training to digital support through information management, we can help you find the right solutions.

Our digital services:

  • Competency management
  • Industry-leading digital golden thread service
  • Building Information Management (BIM)
  • Building Safety Act training and workshops
  • Information management
  • Building Control consultancy
  • Document gap analysis
  • Building Safety Case
  • Peer review, risk assessments and site visits
  • Toolkits, forms and procedures

How can we help?

Consultancy: Our expert consultancy services who can advise at every stage of a project, steering you through the new building safety regime.

Coordination: Trust us to deliver the Digital Golden Thread on your behalf via our specialist coordination offering

Peer review: Need to ensure compliance? We offer a digital peer review service that ensures you’re on track to meet and exceed compliance

Digital Support: The jewel in our crown, our bespoke Digital Golden Thread platform, co-ordinated and delivered by our dedicated in-house BIM team, is our technical response to these regulatory changes.

The Digital Golden Thread of Information

In order to make this process more transparent, and on Dame Judith Hackitt’s recommendations, a golden thread of information, captured digitally, should run through the building’s entire life cycle. From conception, through occupation, to decommissioning, and including all safety critical elements relating to fire safety, structural and MEP systems.

The digital golden thread will act as the single source of truth for that building at all times, recording every design decision or change made.

Our pioneering response is a dedicated, digitised service that goes far beyond current regulatory standards, promoting competency and ‘the right attitude’ as standard.

Developed in collaboration with industry and government, our offering helps you to stay compliant and take control of your digital golden thread duties with a faultless transfer of information and evidence. This is compliance and approval made easy.

Our service exceeds industry standards. Combining BIM processes and digital twin technology, our platform records the decision process around protection measures, supports auditing strategies for design-side and client-side quality assurance, and provides a system to record construction decisions and beyond.

Ultimately, this makes the handover between duty holders as seamless as possible, helping ensure your building and its occupants are safe now and into the future.

The right home for your data

It can seem like there’s no end to the data generated before and during construction. Keeping track of everything and gaining ‘live’ insights has never felt so elusive – until now.

Own your data

Take control of your project from concept to occupation. Collect, track and review construction information using a single source of truth.

Standardise project handover

Set the standard and achieve consistency. Maintain the golden thread of information and achieve a seamless transition of structured data from design to asset management.

Demonstrate compliance

Be empowered by data. Evidence compliance applicable best practice that goes beyond the latest regulations.

Higher Risk Buildings

The reinforcement of stricter rules brought about by the Building Safety Act has begun with residential High Risk Buildings (HRBs). These are classed as either over 18m or seven storeys in height. HRBs include hospitals and care homes.

Whilst BS 8644 and the Building Safety Act only currently applies to high-risk buildings, we expect regulation will become more widespread sooner than later. In fact, we believe it should.

Our position is resolute. All buildings under construction should comply with the new building safety regime, regardless of whether they are an HRB or not. This is fundamental if we are to prevent a ‘two-tier’ approach to ensuring building safety.

Gateways: the new approval process

A significant new step in this process is the introduction of major gateways that can act as hard stops in between each stage.

Building owners must demonstrate compliance to the new Building Safety Regulator at each stage, before it grants permission that a project can proceed through gateways two and three.

Gateway one: before planning permission is granted, an accountable person must be identified as being responsible for fire and structural safety.

Gateway two: requires that an application is submitted to the Building Safety Regulator prior to construction starting, outlining the full design intention, and asserting the competency of the Principal Designer and Principal Contractor.

Gateway three: the Building Safety Regulator must be satisfied that what was designed is what was built. Upon completion, the digital golden thread must be transferred to the Accountable Person for use throughout the life of the building as part of the safety case.

Information management

With its roots in Document Control, Information Management embraces digital approaches and technologies, improving efficiency and optimising performance.

This includes ensuring that there is a process in place for receiving, checking, storing and using the data generated by digital software, and that it follows the correct guidelines.

As part of the Building Safety Act, Accountable Persons must maintain a digital golden thread of information about a building.

Using Information Management processes throughout design and construction and into occupation helps to support a wider change in the regime and promotes a culture of building safety.

We can help you ensure a full audit trail of information for the digital golden thread, managing all data (including competencies) in line with regulations. We can also advise on getting your projects through the Gateway process.

Our specialist team's skills include:

  • Vast experience in information management
  • Analysing data
  • Quality Management
  • CDE Interfaces
  • Document Control
  • ISO Guidelines
  • In-depth knowledge of the Building Safety Act

Building control

Here’s how our building control experts can help:

Building Safety Services

Our experts can support clients, dutyholders and design teams with all aspects of design and construction guidance to comply with the technical and procedural requirements of the Building Regulations for all building types.

Advice for clients

Our team can assist clients and developers in understanding and performing their duties under. The Building Safety Act through all stages, from project conception through to completion.

Advice for Principal Designers

We can assist designers during the design stage with advice on Building Regulations, procedural assistance with applications and providing confirmation of Building Regulation compliance.

Advice for Principal Contractors

Our team can support the Principal Contractor in their duties to monitor and detail building work during the construction stage and confirm that work complies with the Building Regulations.

Our related services

We’re safeguarding communities, businesses and assets through a holistic approach to understanding and managing the risks posed by the threat of fire.

Safeguarding communities, businesses and assets, through pragmatic design solutions and managing the risk of fire in the built environment.

We’re ensuring buildings are safe, compliant and insurable by providing robust investigations and reporting on existing and proposed cladding.

Bringing eminence, clarity and independence to public inquiries and planning appeals.

We’re accelerating the built environment’s rapid innovation, particularly in response to climate change. This is the key to optimising ‘fire resistance’ design for certainty.

Bringing buildings to life, creating award-winning, high-performance environments that enhance the built environment.

Our wider fire safety team includes Chartered engineers and is BAFE SP205 Gold Standard accredited, which is a measure of the quality of our people. It sets us apart.

While our Digital Golden Thread service remains impartial, we can also offer a validation service performed by our specialist fire risk management team.

This provides our clients with an extra layer of due diligence ensuring the critical fire safety elements have been installed to appropriate standards during construction.

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