With our detailed understanding of geotechnics and earthworks engineering, we advise clients on how best to approach the development of buildings or infrastructure on difficult ground, delivering design and build solutions to address complex problems.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced geotechnical engineers play a pivotal role in the delivery of both multi-disciplinary engineering and design and build contracting solutions to our clients. Their ability to understand the conditions at a site and how to address them, no matter how complex, paves the way to determine the viability of a site and how best to approach the ground.

Due diligence

Through desk-studies and site-based analysis, our geotechnical engineers contribute to the due diligence and feasibility studies conducted on a site prior to acquisition or planned development.

We help our clients to understand the specific ground conditions and the demands on foundation design, the stability of slopes, and the existence of any unique geo-hazards.

All of these potential issues will be affected by both local geology and the history and former uses of a site.


Our investigations inform the development of a ground model which can be interpreted to inform geotechnical designs for foundations and slopes. Our goal is to achieve the best commercial solution for each specific scenario.

At Hydrock, we work across a range of sites varying in size and complexity. Typically, they will include large redundant industrial sites planned for redevelopment for critical housing development, new hi-tech industry, or mixed-use urban development schemes, as well as critical infrastructure such as roads and bridges.

Informing future stages

Our work informs temporary works design, land remediation strategies, earthworks, ground improvement design, and foundation design.

This ability to combine both a scientific and pragmatic mindset to the geology beneath our feet is what sets our team apart in helping devise effective and commercially viable solutions for complex sites for our clients.

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