Nuclear management consultancy and technical services

Our nuclear management specialists are at the forefront of influencing and creating safety, environmental and engineering standards that are shaping the future of the nuclear industry.

We are working with new build developers, nuclear site licensees, regulators and the defence sector in the UK and internationally.

We offer expert advice at all stages of the nuclear life-cycle including:

  • New build
  • Extension of ongoing operations
  • Decommissioning and the safe disposal of radioactive waste
  • Safety and environmental regulations
  • Independent peer reviews
  • Nuclear safety cases.

We offer a wide range of expert services to the nuclear industry.

Our nuclear management consultancy services include guidance on policy changes, organisational capability, oversight of nuclear safety case review teams, performing the role of an internal regulator and providing expert witness support to legal cases.

Our nuclear technical services include the strategic and assessment aspects of nuclear safety and environmental management, environmental assessment (including ‘best available techniques’) radioactive waste management and decommissioning strategy development, and many technical aspects of nuclear regulatory advice.

Find out more about our nuclear management consultancy and technical services and projects below, or contact Peter Sibley to find out how we can help your business.

Hydrock nuclear capability brochure

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