Smart Energy

Smart Energy is our way of helping you navigate through the evolving energy landscape. We select the right mix of energy technology to maximise the potential economic and environmental value of your projects.

What is Smart Energy?

Accessing cheaper, cleaner and more reliable energy for businesses and homes creates many opportunities, from local energy trading to smarter tariffs.

But, at a time of unprecedented change, how do you know what the right energy mix for your project is?

Smart Energy From Hydrock

Our smart energy consultants are all about energy strategy solutions.

We focus our efforts on the necessary shift towards a smarter energy infrastructure; with increased efficiency, reduced costs, and a cleaner, greener future for our power.

We can help you create extra income and cost efficiencies from distributed energy solutions. Get the best return on investment from power generation, energy demand management, behind-the-meter, active network management and capacity trading.

We help you:

  • Establish the right mix of technologies for your site
  • Develop a tradeable asset and income stream
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Meet and exceed decarbonisation and renewable energy targets
  • Create resilient power supplies
  • Overcome capacity restraints
  • Unlock constrained sites and developments
  • Minimise wasted energy consumption
  • Improve sustainability credentials

From developers to landowners, local authorities to asset managers, our smart energy experts help you understand your options and ensure you are getting the best possible service from your provider.

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We handle:

  • Distributed power generation
  • Energy generation and storage
  • Renewable energy systems
  • District heating and micro-grids
  • Demand-side response/energy demand management
  • Active network management
  • Behind-the-meter generation
  • Capacity trading
  • Distributed energy storage systems

From developers to landowners, local authorities to asset managers, our smart energy experts help you understand your options and ensure you are getting the best possible service from your provider.

Smart Energy Opportunities

Smart energy for Developers

The world of construction has never moved so quickly. The advent of the smart city vision means that buildings must be designed and built with utmost flexibility in mind.

Smart energy powers smart cities: from low carbon heating, to renewable generation, energy savings and efficiency to the transport revolution.

We could complete the move to fully electric vehicle uptake as early as 2030. This requires the development of EV infrastructure to support and facilitate this move of vehicle from fossil fuels. Our grid is already at capacity before we even consider electrification of our heating demand and transport.

Our comprehensive energy audits allow us to assess sites and determine opportunities for energy savings. Find out how.

Smart energy for Land Owners

Our commercial energy consultants identify ways to diversify land use, enabling you to maximise the available returns from your site.

We can ensure that your site is smart and sustainable; a valuable commodity for maintaining corporate and social responsibility.

By future-proofing your site with smart energy we can remove local constraints on your energy infrastructure, enabling a demand-led energy response for increased efficiency and lower carbon emissions.

Get in touch with one of our smart energy site experts.

Smart energy for Public Sector

We are perfectly placed to support Local Enterprise Partnerships and Local Authorities to develop their strategic energy plans.

Undertaking carbon management and energy efficiency services, we advise on the best smart energy solutions and potential building optimisations. Developing strategic energy projects at masterplan level.

Supporting your net zero commitments, we help council’s deliver carbon reduction their own asset portfolio and wider local authority area. Contact us for more details.

Smart energy for Asset Managers

The shift to a decentralised smart grid means that everyone can profit from energy production with less risk.

We unlock the potential value of your assets, creating revenue streams that maximise their long-term value.

From direct local production to capacity trading, smart energy opens up a world of new and exciting options for asset managers, as we all help to balance the grid and the market.

Are you making the most of your managed assets? Email us for a free consultation.