Structural engineering

We create award-winning buildings and spaces that are resilient, high functioning and productive assets for our clients.

For over 20 years our structural engineering and building design teams have produced innovative, energy-efficient, low-carbon structural solutions across the UK. All projects are delivered to BIM Level 2, tailored to meet each client’s unique requirements, programme and budget, with work often conducted in complex and live environments.

Our track record

We are proud of our portfolio in structural engineering and design, and the consultative approach that helps ensure timely project delivery and an outstanding end result. We work side-by-side with our clients, and all members of the design team, to ensure a smooth passage through the legislative, operational and budgetary processes that are a key part of delivering a successful built asset.

We have a proven track record across a wide variety of sectors, including commercial, education, residential, energy, logistics, defence, aviation and many more. Learn more about the sectors we work in.

Inspiring spaces

Our structural engineering and building design is regularly delivered in collaboration with our colleagues who specialise in ground investigations, civils and infrastructure and building services.

Ultimately our goal is to create inspiring spaces that make a positive impact to communities and the environment.

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Our experience in this broad sector ranges from award-winning, inspirational new spaces to the most practical and functional of commercial space. But in all cases, our designs reflect very specific client needs and are accessible, workable and commercially driven.

We deliver clear and concise information to enable our clients to make informed decisions and through the application of BIM Level 2 we positively support a collaborative approach that improves coordination and efficiency, reduces time and cost, and drives carbon reductions.


Over a period of almost 15 years we have undertaken in excess of 300 projects through design term commissions for a variety of MoD service providers on both new build and refurbishment projects.

We provide support from the concept stage through to on-site construction, delivering innovative and sustainable designs, building efficiency and pragmatic solutions.

We have an excellent understanding of the MoD’s procurement routes, procedures, working practices, standards and approval processes. We have established strong relationships with incumbent personnel and have built a detailed knowledge of many key MoD establishments.


We have an excellent reputation for delivering innovative designs and pragmatic solutions for education projects that range from multi-million pound developments to small refurbishments.

Our experience covers all levels of education, from primary to secondary to higher education projects, including academies, technical colleges and private establishments.

We actively encourage the participation and contribution of teachers, the heads of colleges and schools, and students in the development of our designs to ensure outcomes that are practical and inspiring, and many of our projects have been recognised through awards for innovation, sustainability, quality and creativity.

We have extensive experience and understanding of different procurement routes and can be appointed by a local authority, architect or contractor.


Our experience in this constantly evolving sector includes the design of new, specialist low-carbon power generating facilities and all the support infrastructure that exists around major power generation sites.

We work very closely with our clients to understand their very specific needs in relation to these unique sites and facilities. Our designs reflect the requirements for efficiency and cost-effectiveness that are prerequisites to the successful operation of these types of facility.


Our team has over 30 years’ experience in the provision of healthcare facilities for both public and private providers. Our experience ranges from district general hospitals to general practice surgeries.

Our close collaboration with public and private clients helps us to create informed and well-considered facilities, delivered efficiently and economically.

We have been involved in the many different procurement models used within the NHS, including PFI, LIFT and Procure 21+, and we contribute to projects at all stages – from strategic planning to implementation.


We have an outstanding reputation for the delivery of innovative, elegant and cost-effective solutions that bring new life to both historic and more industrial type buildings.

Working with historic or less contemporary building stock and materials is often technically, logistically and commercially more challenging. However, we enjoy finding ways to bring value to these schemes through restoration and preservation, establishing financial viability, sustainability and individual character to each project. As a consequence we have played a leading part in many award-winning project teams.


Our experience includes major distribution and warehouse facilities designed for specialist developers and end user clients in the retail sector, and logistics, R&D and hi-tech facilities for a number of high-end manufacturing organisations and automotive brands.

Efficient design is a key driver and we combine this with elegant solutions that add value to a building, lifting it above others in the same sector.

Our structural engineers regularly work in tandem with our geotechnical, infrastructure and transportation specialists to deliver a full multi-disciplinary design approach to the development of these high-spec industrial properties.


Our teams work on high-rise developments, housing schemes, the innovative conversion of historic industrial buildings into apartments, retirement living space and one-off private, substantial, design projects.

With colleagues from across the business, we provide a range of services that include: due diligence and site investigation; infrastructure planning; design of roads and highways; flood risk assessments; connection to utilities; structural design; and specialist design to counter issues such as noise pollution in a mixed-use development, as well as incorporating energy-efficient design to meet the Code for Sustainable Homes criteria.