Adam Cheers – Associate Director, Land Quality

Adam Cheers

Age: 39 Joined Hydrock: 2005 Qualifications: BSc (Hons), CSci, MIEnvSc, FGS Degree: Environmental Earth Sciences from Aberystwyth University

Why do you enjoy your job, Adam?

I like the variety it gives me. I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors, so being a geo-environmental consultant means I get to be outside looking at different sites and geology.

I enjoy spending time with people, and in this job I’m talking to a wide range of people, from high net worth landowners to borehole drillers working on our sites.

I’ve also made a career decision to focus on managing and leading a team whilst still utilising the technical skills I have acquired from working in the industry for 14 years. I love coaching our early career professionals and seeing people grow and develop, and I enjoy being responsible for our resource in our offices in Stoke and Manchester.

What’s good about Hydrock?

Where to start!

Firstly, I like the importance and responsibility we place in our geo-environmental team that if you’re on site completing the site investigation works, we work with you and help you deliver the technical interpretative work that follows including writing up a report and liaising with the client.

Our approach is that, as an early-career professional, you will learn so much more if you see the job through all stages. I benefited from this and it’s how I encourage my team now, to think about why you are gathering the information and why you need to know something, because in the future you’re going to need to explain it to someone else. We also encourage all members of our team to get involved in pricing work so they understand the commercial nature of what they are doing as well.

Secondly, I like the trust and respect that exists in the business. It starts at the top. Brian, our CEO, makes time to talk to people. He’s approachable which means there is a personal touch. There’s also a trust that if required you can be flexible with your time. I like that it’s not ‘official’, it’s not written down, it’s there if you need it. Sometimes we spend long hours on site or reporting in the office, so the chance to do the school drop off or pick up the next day is much appreciated. There’s also a lot of support to help you get chartered. I know I benefited from a lot of technical input around me when I was pursuing chartership.

Thirdly, there’s a lot of technical expertise within Hydrock, so I like the fact that you can always learn something new, and there’s always someone to ask. Within our own Geo team this is particularly true and it’s benefited my studies and it benefits how I can advise clients. It’s also true across the whole business, and I’ve enjoyed spending time with other specialist experts such as acousticians and fire engineers, to name but two.

Adam, you’ve re-located with Hydrock. How was that?

Hydrock were fantastically supportive with this. I grew up in Stafford and have family in the area. With two kids, we wanted to ‘upsize’ and I asked if I could relocate from our Northampton office to our Stoke office.

Hydrock were really understanding on how long this process can take when house moves and solicitors are involved! We also agreed a gradual handover on responsibilities from one team to the next, and of course it gave me an opportunity for career growth in terms of leading our office in Stoke.

If someone is thinking of joining Hydrock, what does a normal day look like for you?

I’ll speak to everyone in the team, and check in on how things are going at each site we’re active on where we are assessing ground risks. I’ll be planning future workloads, pricing and writing tenders. I’ll be giving technical input where needed and checking the reports before they are issued to clients and regulators. There’s a significant degree of financial management in my role, in addition to speaking to clients and developing future opportunities. It’s varied, but I enjoy the interaction with a wide variety people, and I love helping my team grow and develop.

How did it all begin for you Adam?

Great teachers, A-levels in geography, geology and biology, and a love for the outdoors. That inspired my decision to take an environmental earth sciences degree.

From installing CCTV systems and fire alarms to working behind the bar and in a kitchen, I did the rounds before finding the right way in to be an environmental consultant, which is what I set my heart on. I wanted to use my degree with that focus on soil chemistry and geology, in an engineering setting.

Hydrock was my second job in the industry and I was Hydrock’s first employee in the Northampton office, reporting to a director. I’ve been well-supported to develop my career and qualifications, notably becoming a Chartered Scientist through the Institution of Environmental Sciences.

I’m very proud to now be an Associate Director. It’s great to be involved in large multi-disciplinary projects. The company really believes in its people and encourages their development, you’re surrounded by technical excellence and given opportunities to further yourself in directions you choose – in my case to lead a team, and develop our next generation of talent.

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