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Commercial White


High-performing commercial spaces are proven to drive employee and customer engagement, investor value, and organisational efficiencies.

Data Centres White

Data Centres

Users and businesses expect information at lightning speed, without compromise. This is next generation data centre design.

Defence White


Keeping our defence estate fit for purpose is mission critical. Our attention to detail and inherent respect for high-risk environments is ensuring military buildings and infrastructure meet tough demands.

Education White


From that first moment in the school playground to a break-through moment of inspirational new thinking, learning spaces have a deep influence on all of us.

Energy White


The climate crisis is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. We've an unmissable window to make both the built environment and our energy infrastructure cleaner, greener and more sustainable.

Healthcare White


Against a backdrop of seismic change, we’re re-thinking healthcare infrastructure design and helping to push forward the evolution towards better, more flexible and technology-driven patient experiences.

Industry White


An industrial revolution for the modern era: high-levels of automation, a self-conscious approach to minimise climatic impacts, and integration with supply chains and communities.

Later Living White

Later Living

We support developers in alleviating the pressure of an ageing society by providing contemporary, sustainable, high quality living experiences, appropriate for all stages of later life.

Retail and Leisure White

Leisure, Retail and Hospitality

In the face of societal change, this sector competes by creating memorable user experiences which demand a re-think on how we use traditional real estate.

Logistics and Distribution White

Logistics and Distribution

Powered by the e-commerce boom, logistics and distribution is a truly vibrant sector driving economic growth and re-imagining urban communities.

Nuclear White


We are at the forefront of influencing and creating safety, environmental and organisational performance standards that are shaping the future of the nuclear industry.

Public Sector White

Public Sector

Helping local authorities and public bodies adapt for the future to protect communities, improve quality of life and drive economic prosperity.

Residential White


We all know what it feels like to open the door to our home, so when we create homes and communities, we want to make it a place you want to be.