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Estate Optimisation

Re-imagine your real estate portfolio through a data-led approach that maximises the value of your assets and delivers greater efficiencies and flexibility.


In the face of climate change and increasing regulatory demands from energy certification to fire safety, investors and occupiers are demanding high performing assets.

Estate optimisation can mean different things depending on your place in the property lifecycle.

As specialists in engineering, energy and sustainability, we take a data-led approach to develop strategies that deliver higher returns, future flexibility and greater resilience from real estate portfolios.

We will forensically analyse the performance of real estate from the perspective of energy, carbon, wellbeing, fire safety and space utilisation.

Where different issues and challenges overlap, we’ll explore how you can turn this into a strategic opportunity for change. We’ll also examine the potential to create additional revenue streams across your estate.

By way of example, with a focus on decarbonisation and on-site energy solutions, we’ll explore options to increase the commercial value of assets for long-term benefit and achieve energy demand reduction.

As regulations and legislation tightens around issues such as energy performance, fire safety and climate risk, we also ensure you have a clear strategy in place to deal with the risk of stranded assets.

Building-in resilience is essential to ensure assets offer a first-class user experience, perform commercially and meet environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals. This is our domain.

Who we work with

  • Universities and other education providers with multiple sites across campuses, cities and towns
  • NHS Trusts with multiple assets performing a wide variety of activities
  • Local authorities with estates that provide public services, housing, and administrative uses
  • Corporate occupiers with office and industrial facilities worldwide
  • Social and affordable housing providers with vast housing portfolios
  • Investment funds with interests in real estate assets
  • Property developers who create and hold the asset for long-term value
  • Real estate consultants advising investors on the strength of their assets and occupiers on their leasing strategy
  • Legal advisers working on large-scale M&A activity which includes due diligence on real estate assets

We deliver tailored, data-led advisory services, recognising that the need for energy efficient, high performing, safe, and fully utilised real estate is universal.

Where we add value

Renewable energy generation

With our knowledge of energy generation, distribution and storage, we deliver a strategic assessment of how and when to invest, and practical implementation.

Renewable Energy Generation

Net zero strategy

We guide clients on the most cost-effective roadmap to decarbonise their estate and identify additional revenue streams from smart energy solutions.

Estate Decarbonisation

Fire safety

Conducting fire risk assessments across multi-site portfolios, our expertise includes fire safety strategies and external wall reviews.

Fire Safety

Taking a strategic data-led approach to your estate

Estate optimisation looks at the whole real estate package, from better land use to building performance. It’s about understanding current performance, emerging trends and regulations, and the potential long-term value of assets.

Using a data-led approach, we gather, assess, combine, and present a combination of publicly available open-source data with your own estates information to provide actionable insights.

We’re visualising data that includes utilities, carbon, maintenance, fire risk, climate risk, and utilisation, plus surrounding GIS information about the communities you serve.

By aggregating your data and displaying it in one place, in a dashboard style that works for you, we help you to identify overlaps between required works and previously unrealised correlations between datasets.

It’s an approach that helps you monitor and interrogate the operational performance of your assets and estate, and build more compelling strategic rationales to improve the performance of your estates. It also gives you data to set goals, establish funding programmes, and justify the business case to drive buy-in to maximise the impact of your investments.

Our technical specialists are on-hand to advise you on the opportunities to develop sustainable, energy efficient and future-proofed assets. This includes utility infrastructure, opportunities for behind-the-meter energy generation and storage, structural changes to existing assets, acoustic design to improve comfort, EV charging infrastructure, and building retrofits to improve efficiencies.

Additionally, as part of an overall real estate strategy, there’s an exciting opportunity to create alternative revenue streams by maximising available land for future energy generation and storage, whilst creating more efficient, sustainable and comfortable buildings.

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