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Daniel Bater

Associate, Nuclear Management Consultancy

Almondsbury, Bristol


Daniel is an experienced radioactive waste specialist in the nuclear sector in both operational and decommissioning environments.

His knowledge and experience covers a comprehensive range of radioactive waste management aspects from the development of initial strategies for waste characterisation, through to the operational stages of waste storage, packaging, consignment, treatment, and final disposal.

Daniel has direct experience in the management of nuclear liabilities from both operational facilities and those undergoing decommissioning, encompassing a broad range of the radioactive waste hierarchy, including intermediate and low-level waste.

Daniel has gained experience in a wide variety of environments including nuclear site licence companies, defence and research establishments and has experience in the management of radioactive waste issues relating to naturally occurring radioactive material.

He is a Member of the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management, a Member of the Society for Radiological Protection and is trained in the consignment of radioactive material by road.