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Georgina Williams

Principal Fire Engineer, Fire Safety


BEng, MSc, PhD

Georgina is a Principal Fire Engineer with a PhD and MSc in Fluid Dynamics. She is a focused project lead, bringing a pragmatic problem-solving approach to remediation, retrofit and redevelopment projects and new developments across a range of sectors.

Georgina has experience in a range of performance-based design methodologies including fire/smoke modelling, evacuation modelling, radiant heat calculations, smoke control calculations, time equivalence analysis and structural fire engineering analyses. She regularly adds value to tricky projects, with several challenging constraints, where the right solutions have to see beyond prescriptive guidance.

Her project experience includes managing the delivery of Fire Risk Appraisals of External Walls across 11 high-rise residential buildings in Salford. She coordinated the remediation of those buildings requiring risk mitigation and provided solutions to optimise fire safety performance against capital expenditure. Georgina is currently leading the fire safety design on Blackpool Multiversity, a £65m project primed to act as a beacon to promote higher-level skills, engage employers in curriculum co-design, and transform perceptions of the town.

Georgina is an active committee member for “Women Talking Fire” which is an independent networking group that’s providing networking and technical development opportunities and conferences to women and allies across the fire safety industry.