For airports and operators, the priority is to make the whole customer experience simple and enjoyable. It’s about engagement at every step through an airport, and engineering design is crucial to achieving a positive experience.

At Hydrock, we are highly experienced in working on live, busy operational sites, both through the aviation sector and other key sectors such as nuclear and defence, which are also highly regulated and demand high attention to security. It means we understand the importance of right first time design and efficiency in our approach to engineering solutions.

Our civils, structures and building performance engineering teams are all experienced in working in both contractor and architect-led project teams. Across our business, our people offer career experience in the aviation sector that ranges from site investigation and clean-up of oil spills, to the design of terminals, walkways, car parks and hangars.

Recognising that the customer journey and experience starts on arrival by car, bus or train, and continues through the airport, our advice and input includes:

  • Strategic design to achieve a better use of existing facilities – a cut and carve approach
  • Refurbishment and renewal of existing facilities, often focused on simpler, more energy efficient building services through a programme of asset renewal
  • Resilient and reliable infrastructure design, from car parking to terminal design, to the building services
  • Retail and leisure design to encourage footfall
  • Vertical transportation design to accommodate more effective use of lifts and escalators to move people around more efficiently.

All our engineering design work is delivered to a minimum of BIM Level 2 and covers our complete multi-disciplinary capability. This includes several aspects of specialist design and engineering such as acoustics, building physics, utilities, fire engineering, and the simulation of people movement, in addition to the connection between our work in the logistics and distribution sector and freight transportation at airports.

Hydrock is a silver member of the Airport Operators Association and a member of the British Aviation Group.