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Ground-breaking study provides valuable insight into construction innovation in north east England

4th Apr 2024

Hydrock, along with some private and public sector partners, and an international research organisation, is behind a newly-released study that dives deep into the innovation bubbling away in our region's construction sector.

Funded by North of Tyne Combined Authority (NTCA) and the North East Local Enterprise Partnership (NELEP), it’s been fuelled by the Constructing Excellence North East (CENE) and its One Voice initiative, in addition to industry partners, Hydrock, Black & White Engineering, and Ryder.

Mark Seberry, a director in Hydrock’s innovation delivery team, said:

It’s been great working with Ryder to set up this research which accelerates our collective understanding of the market dynamics of the specific opportunity presented in the north east, something which is essential to the growth and success in the sector. From grand public infrastructure to bustling industrial centres, the region's growth is a story etched in the functionality and resilience of its engineered structures. Every bridge, every factory, is a piece of the puzzle that reflects the past and provides the springboard for the future.

With input from more than 50 subject matter experts the report, penned by the brains at Scius Advisory, Ryder and Hydrock, digs deep into the who, what, and why of construction innovation in our region. It spotlights the key players making things happen, identifies the ingredients that fuel progress and, at the same time, acknowledges the hurdles we still need to overcome to push even further.

Chris Chennell, regional director at Hydrock, added:

By mapping out the ecosystem, these insights bring a sharp focus on where opportunities lie for the built environment. As engineers, our role is all about crafting sustainable systems, fostering vibrant communities, and preparing for a changing world.

This comes at the perfect time, too. Right as the new North East Mayoral Combined Authority gets underway, which is expected to unlock over £4.2bn of investment in the region over the next 30 years.

Sandra Manson, Developing Consensus, said:

I think we need to seize the opportunity of a new Combined Authority to really set out a regional approach and to encourage engagement, best practice sharing, and also blow our own trumpet around the things that we do well.

This research showcases the incredible work already happening across the region, while hopefully inspiring even more innovation and ambitious goals for the future.

Read the full report here:

North East England’s Construction Innovation Ecosystem - North East Evidence Hub (

Image of The Catalyst, Newcastle University