Construction Environmental Consultancy and Monitoring Services

Helping minimise the impact construction noise and dust has on our communities health and wellbeing.

Demolition and construction works are key to improving and futureproofing our communities and are common place in our everyday lives.

As critical as these works are, it’s important to avoid noise, vibration and dust disturbing neighbours and local communities. We’re on hand to help demolition and construction companies fulfil their legal obligations and comply with environmental regulations.

Construction Noise and Dust Risk Assessments

As part of our pre-planning services, our noise and air quality assessments will include Construction Noise and Construction Dust Risk Assessments. These assessments determine the risk of impacts during the construction phase of a project, and will guide you on what mitigations are required to reduce the risk of any adverse impacts.

Our construction environmental consultancy services include:

  • Construction noise & vibration modelling and prediction
  • Construction noise, dust and vibration mitigation solutions
  • Construction noise, dust and vibration risk assessments
  • Section 61 consent applications (Control of Pollution Act 1974)
  • Noise, Dust and Vibration Management Plans (NDVMP)
  • Toolbox talks and training
  • Contract and legislative compliance advice

Noise, vibration and dust monitoring on your construction site

All sites have a responsibility for achieving acceptable standards of environmental performance in regards to noise, dust and vibration. This makes a proactive approach vital, as failure to meet standards can lead to suspension of site activities, onerous working restrictions being enforced, and complaints which may even lead to investigation and formal action being taken. This is why monitoring noise, vibration and dust is important.

How does noise, vibration and dust monitoring work?

Noise, vibration and dust monitoring is a simple way of managing the impact your project has on the local community and mitigating the potential for any nuisance complaints.

From the installation of our internet enabled monitoring hardware, through to calibration and servicing, our project-specific risk approach to construction monitoring enables us to offer our clients the most suitable, cost-effective monitoring regime.

Noise, vibration and dust monitoring results can be accessed anytime via our cloud storage solutions, and are complemented by a host of management and compliance tools, including real-time live screens, alert messages and compliance reporting.

With Hydrock’s industry leading construction monitoring services, you can be confident in robust, traceable data to ensure your projects run efficiently and comply with projects commitments and timescales.

Our dedicated construction noise, vibration and dust monitoring services include:

  • Pre-construction baseline noise, vibration and dust surveys
  • Design and implementation of noise, vibration and dust monitoring campaigns
  • Installation, management, maintenance, servicing and calibration of noise, vibration and dust monitoring equipment
  • Data management and compliance noise, vibration and dust reporting
  • BPM site audits, complaints and technical investigations

With our multi-disciplinary capabilities, our monitoring services are fully supported by our structural, civil and geotechnical engineering divisions.

Let’s talk acoustics and air quality

As part of Hydrock’s UK-wide multi-disciplinary services, our acoustics and air quality team add considerable value to projects, large and small, ensuring that compliance and mitigation measures are in place, saving both valuable time and money.

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