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Bristol Sport partners with Hydrock on net zero push

30th Jan 2024

Bristol Sport has joined forces with Hydrock as Net Zero Partner to support Project Whitebeam in recognising, measuring and mitigating the trailblazing sport group's impact on the environment.

We will consult on all aspects of the group’s efforts to reduce emissions across its clubs – Bristol City, Bristol Bears, Bristol Flyers – and Ashton Gate Stadium.

Pete Smith, Bristol Sport Group Head of Change and Sustainability, said:

When we launched Project Whitebeam our clubs signed the UN Sports for Climate Action Framework with carbon reduction targets of 50% by 2030 and net zero by 2040. We’re fully aware this is a very challenging task, which is why we’re so delighted to have the expertise of Hydrock help us along this pathway. They’re a real Bristolian success story with global expertise in energy and sustainability which will add so much value to our project. Reducing our emissions is important for the environment but also for our clubs as we look to cut energy bills and plan for the future.

The vision of Steve Lansdown, founder of Bristol Sport, is to create a unique multi-sport model placing Bristol at the forefront of sporting and community success in the UK. The sustainability and social impact of this endeavour is a core part of the strategy.

Ric Hampton, our regional director, said:

We’ve been headquartered in the city for almost 30 years, so we’re delighted to become the net zero partner for Bristol Sport and get right behind the team that’s driving success across all age and gender groups for rugby and football in the region. With reach across all parts of society, elite-level sports brands have a great opportunity to influence attitudinal change towards sustainability and take a leadership role in how to adapt organisational behaviour to climate change. Through this partnership with Bristol Sport we’re delighted to bring our own expertise and knowledge to the group and help effect positive change and outcomes across all their areas of operation and within our local community.
Ric added:

At Hydrock, we’ve a dedicated team advising organisations across all sectors on their environmental and societal impacts. We help our clients to shape strategies to decarbonise, adapt to climate change, explore opportunities from renewable energy and create social value. We look forward to collaborating with Bristol Sport to make sport in this region an exemplar of leadership in sustainability.