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Carbon reporting and net zero roadmap for regional bakery business

Morris Quality Bakers North-West England
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Comprehensive approach to sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of long-established bakery business serving over 3,000 locations in the north-west.


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We have helped a highly-regarded family bakery business in north-west England to understand their carbon impacts, shape a roadmap to net zero that reflects the dynamics of their business, and meet recognised reporting standards.

A family-run business in the heart of the community

Morris Quality Bakers handles over 12,000 orders a week from clients ranging from local authorities to supermarkets, to small sandwich businesses. They have a fleet of 52 vans delivering to over 3,000 locations, predominantly in the north-west, but stretching from Cumbria to Staffordshire.

The business started in butchery in 1912 and transitioned to bakery. They employ 186 people and occupy a range of commercial space including a maintenance garage for the vehicle fleet.

Recognising the importance of sustainability in their operations, they set a goal to reduce their carbon emissions, water consumption and waste, whilst incorporating sustainable options into their product range.

Understanding, reducing and reporting on impacts

The bakery appointed us to develop a Streamlined Energy and Carbon Report (SECR), a comprehensive carbon reduction plan (PPN 06/21) and a net zero strategy.

Our first step was to help the bakery identify their relevant sources of both quantitative and qualitative data with respect to their emissions and impacts which we used to measure their Scope 1, 2 and limited 3 emissions using DEFRA emission factors.

The quantification of these emissions enabled us to help them submit an accurate SECR report.

We also guided the process of defining specific and measurable goals for their carbon reduction plan and net zero strategy.

Given the size of their business operations, their specific industry, and long-term aspirations, we ensured that these objectives aligned with international standards.

Utilising the insights from the baseline emissions calculation, we developed strategies to address emission sources and implement sustainable practices throughout the bakery's operations.

Setting long-term goals

Together with their senior leadership team, we established a clear roadmap for Morris Quality Bakery to achieve net zero emissions for Scope 1, 2, and limited 3 by 2035.

This comprehensive approach to sustainability will not only minimise their environmental impact but also contribute to their long-term success and reputation as a responsible business.

As part of our holistic carbon advisory services, we've helped the bakery integrate sustainable practices into their operations, supporting their commitment to environmental stewardship and positioning them as a leader in their industry.

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