Battery Storage

At Hydrock, we are creating strategic, viable and income generating battery storage projects for major energy users, masterplan developers, renewable energy companies, landowners, utility companies, local authorities and investors.

Renewable energy is key to a net zero carbon future. However, the way it is generated means that it must be paired with energy storage solutions to make it most effective. This makes battery storage a vital part of the future energy landscape.

Balancing the grid

As energy demand fluctuates, battery storage systems have the potential to help stabilise the National Grid as energy from renewable sources such as solar, wind and tidal can be stored for both immediate and future use.

Battery storage systems allow us to capitalise on energy production by:

  • Avoiding potential dips in grid supply
  • Storing purchased power during low-demand periods for future use, by either:
  • Storing it on site to use later, giving your development resilience despite the intermittency of renewable energy generation; or
  • Storing it to sell back to the National Grid or an aggregator. If this is done when demand is high, you can create an income stream for your development.

Battery storage can be integrated into new and existing sites, either as a standalone investment on sterile site areas, or as an integrated part of end use.

Who we help

We work with a range of clients whose interests cover energy resilience, energy efficiency, revenue generation, decarbonisation, and environmental and social corporate governance.

  • For landowners, we design, facilitate and manage the development of a site for battery installation. The landowner benefits from a long land lease arrangement on the area housing the storage device.
  • For investors and operators of renewable energy schemes, investment in the co-location of a battery storage scheme can maximise the commercial value of the renewable energy scheme.
  • For masterplan developers and local authorities, investment in a battery storage scheme can unlock the viability of sites for new, highly sustainable, net-zero urban communities. With control over energy storage and release it can reinforce the grid and enable a strategic investment in the roll-out of electric vehicle charging.
  • For major users of energy, for example industrial manufacturers, water companies and data centre operators, investment in battery storage offers a level of energy security and resilience and supports their environmental and social betterment strategies.

What we do

Hydrock’s Smart Energy and Sustainability team will help you:

  • Conduct a full feasibility appraisal of the proposed site for a battery storage scheme
  • Deliver a pre-planning assessment to determine the likelihood of achieving planning
  • Conduct a financial viability appraisal to model investment costs and predicted returns
  • Engage with the relevant Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to evaluate the cost of connection and the size of storage available
  • Manage the planning process
  • Select, recommend and, where relevant, partner with funders
  • Design the storage solution and select the most competitive and appropriate suppliers
  • Project manage the installation and grid connections
  • Act as asset manager, working with the aggregator, to optimise battery performance and revenue
  • Oversee operation and maintenance in terms of system upgrades and identifying new technology to improve performance

As a multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy, Hydrock is well placed to support the feasibility, planning and design stages with our teams who specialise in areas such as ground investigations, utility management, transport planning, noise, vibration and air quality studies, fire safety assessments, and drainage and flood risk assessments.

Supporting you for the future

Hydrock can act as both technical consultant to our clients and as a developer of stand-alone battery storage projects, working with landlords to create a ready to build project.

With our end-to-end service we help clients at all stages of the design and build process to take advantage of this new energy trading. We help our clients to understand what energy options may be available and how best to achieve energy ambitions, be that net zero, development of an income-generating asset, energy resilience for remote or high-demand sites or all of the above.

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