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Hydrological and Hydraulic Modelling

Empowering optimised climate-resilient development by providing reliable simulation models backed up with in-depth knowledge of engineering water solutions.

Hydrological and hydraulic modelling provides a simple visualisation for understanding, predicting, and managing water resources.

Vital to so many life-sustaining sectors, and our ecosystem, water is one of the most precious natural resources on our planet. As we continue to untap sustainable solutions, it’s crucial to understand the movement and distribution of water, and how it can be impacted by natural and man-made interventions.

Hydrologists use the latest software and guidance to calculate peak fluvial flow rates for several design storm events. These flows are input into our hydraulic models which enable a variety of ‘what if’ scenarios to be explored. These become the bedrock of decision-making and developing solutions and strategies to deal with current or future complex issues and are routinely used to provide robust scientific evidence in support of planning applications.

Hydraulic modelling lends itself to the quantitative assessment of key flood risk issues, determining flood extents, levels, depths and mechanisms.

Features and benefits of our service include:

  • Integrated environmentally-friendly and sustainable solutions.
  • Insights to develop robust drainage, water management and flood alleviation strategies.
  • Flood Modeller/ TUFLOW modelling technology.
  • ReFH2/WINFAP hydrological modelling technology.
  • Rainfall-runoff modelling.
  • Water intelligence in a multi-disciplinary environment.

Understanding the potential impact of water

We have a successful record of working with planners, local authorities, developers and regulators to promote sites in sensitive hydrological settings or in areas at risk of flooding.

A robust understanding of the water environment should inform the design of infrastructure and any operational practices. This reduces the risks water presents to a project, whilst minimising the impacts of a project on the environmental flow and water quality conditions of an area.

The hydrological and hydraulic modelling undertaken by our expert team can be used to enhance the credibility of a flood risk assessment (FRA), and provide an accurate understanding of the extent to which flooding has been predicted to encroach on or near a proposed development. It can also be used to demonstrate the impact of bridges and culverts.

Our expertise

We're managing the effects of climate change and understanding the vulnerabilities across the built environment, unlocking long-term value and creating safe, flourishing communities.

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We’re dedicated to increasing resilience and reducing flood risk across communities by guiding secure and sustainable development.

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We’re addressing the impacts of climate change and flood risk on our developments, by harnessing the benefits of sustainable drainage systems as a real-world environmental solution.

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We’re protecting vulnerable rivers, lakes and water bodies, securing the sustainable homes and healthy nature that make attractive places for people to live.

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We’re safeguarding perhaps the most important resource in the world by looking at a developments impact on the local water cycle.

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