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Nuclear Disposability Strategies and Records Management

Developing successful disposability strategies and records management for radioactive waste, providing assured long-term safety and regulatory compliance.

Nuclear energy is founded on complex technology and stringent regulation, which assures safety and underpins requirements for the highest standards of security, quality and environmental protection.

The retrieval, packaging, processing, storage, transportation and disposal of radioactive wastes and spent fuel are key activities associated with a nuclear plant. In establishing appropriate full lifecycle waste management strategies, a wide range of strategic and technical matters require consideration.

Our work includes development of disposability strategies for intermediate level radioactive waste, where it will be finally disposed of deep underground, in a geological repository, isolated and contained from the surface environment well into the future.

Records management is a key component of delivering long-term, sustainable and underpinned radioactive waste management solutions. From development of corporate governance, through to records collation, gap analysis and Data and Information Recording Specification (DIRS) production, we can provide full lifecycle records management support, to ensure regulatory expectations are met.

Features and benefits of our service include:

  • Development of fully underpinned disposability strategies.
  • Support to interface with NWS and the nuclear regulators.
  • Interpretation of lifecycle requirements to inform package design.
  • Compliance evaluation for waste management records.
  • DIRS production and update.

Alongside overarching disposability strategies, we can also guide the production of supporting Letter of Compliance submissions for intermediate level radioactive waste at all stages of the process. We have developed submission documentation at all stages of Nuclear Waste Services’ Disposability Assessment process, taking into account key wasteform, waste package, transport and final disposal requirements.

These include submissions for both encapsulated waste, using thin-walled containers, and also for non-encapsulated waste, using thick-walled robust shielded containers.

Coupled with this, we have expertise in all aspects of operational and disposability records management, including development of records management strategies and Data and Information Recording Specifications (DIRS), as well as preparing corporate governance and delivering training.

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