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Sustainability — hugely important and, in equal measure, extremely complex.

14th Feb 2023

Rebecca Lydon, associate director in our smart energy and sustainability team, was invited by Material Source to join its first seminar of 2023 to share her thoughts on what’s needed to truly tackle the climate emergency.

“We should be talking far more about how we respond personally to climate change, and we need to strengthen policy around climate adaptation. As a minimum we need to ensure the conversation is about both mitigation and adaptation.”

During the seminar, Rebecca went on to stress that companies need to set achievable targets and understand how they are going to meet them.

“Passive design is a massive issue for architecture because the energy we don’t use is actually the best way of getting to net zero. So, companies need to ask themselves how they are designing buildings to use less energy.”

To read more of Rebecca’s comments, as part of a full event write-up by Jim Pendrill, visit the Material Source website.