External Wall Fire Review Process

Hydrock’s External Wall Fire Review team work with surveyors, property managers, investors, local authorities and developers to assist with the external wall fire review process on residential buildings that exceed 18m in height.

Our qualified and highly experienced fire engineers complete both desktop surveys and the Form EWS1 to provide building owners, buyers and sellers in the residential sector with the necessary assurances to secure a building valuation.

A new approach to secure a valuation

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), The Building Societies Association (BSA), and UK Finance introduced a new process in December 2019 to value and assess the fire safety of high-rise residential buildings. The External Wall Fire Review process and EWS 1 form is designed to help people buy and sell homes and re-mortgage in buildings above 18 metres (six storeys) or where specific concerns exist.

This new, standardised process requires a fire safety assessment to be conducted by a suitably qualified and competent professional.

The fire safety assessment, which our fire engineers at Hydrock can undertake, will assess actual or potential combustible materials in external wall systems such as cladding and balconies in apartment-type buildings. With many valuations having been negated, this process will provide assurances around the safety and security of these type of buildings and will safely speed up the process for buyers and sellers.

Led by the RICS, BSA and UK Finance, the industry is actively encouraging building owners and estate managers of these type of buildings to proactively pursue independent testing of cladding and external wall materials.

How we will help you

It’s a process that can be predominantly completed online and only one assessment will be needed for each building, and this will be valid for five years.

Our External Wall Fire Review team is part of our fire engineering business at Hydrock and supports surveyors, property managers, local authorities, estates and facility managers, investors and developers with:

  • Desktop review of external wall systems
  • Invasive surveys
  • Witness reports
  • Form EWS1 completion
  • Form EWS1 sign off by a Chartered Fire Engineer

We also provide support after the completion of these reviews with:

  • Interim measures
  • Consultation with the fire service
  • Remedial action design review
  • Site audits

Let's talk

Our qualified and highly experienced fire engineers are based across the UK. To start a discussion about external wall fire review process please either fill out the form below or get in touch with Kayla our Fire team operations assistant.

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