We are at the forefront of influencing and creating safety, environmental and engineering standards that are helping to shape the future of the nuclear industry.

We provide a range of consultancy services to help organisations demonstrate compliance with legal and regulatory requirements for the nuclear industry. We work with both operators and regulators in the UK and internationally at all stages of the nuclear lifecycle, from new build to extending ongoing operations and through to decommissioning and the safe disposal of radioactive waste.

Our activity at each stage can be summarised as follows:

Nuclear new build

  • Advising operators to develop an appropriate and proportionate organisational capability that enables ‘intelligent’ future development and demonstrates compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
  • Provision of advisory and technical support to nuclear site licence and environmental permit applications
  • Preparation of Nuclear Baseline documentation/assessments in support of nuclear site licence applications
  • Oversight and management of safety case development activities
  • Civil engineering solutions to support the development of infrastructure around a new site
  • Site investigation and remedial design strategies to prepare a site for a new build operation.


  • Ongoing safety governance and support to undertake regulatory interface
  • Specialist operational and safety engineering reviews
  • Specialist structural engineering reviews.

Waste management

  • Radioactive waste management and disposability support
  • Development of records management strategies for disposability
  • Development of waste management procedures and policies
  • Undertaking Best Available Technique (BAT) assessments
  • Technical geological and transportation solutions to determine safe disposal.


  • Development and review of decommissioning strategies
  • Preparation and peer review of Decommissioning Safety Case (DSC) modifications
  • Specialist engineering advice to support planning applications for site closure
  • Input into environmental impact assessments (EIA) for major decommissioning projects
  • Civil and structural engineering advice for safe demolition of existing support structures
  • Safety management procedures.

Across our business we have a large number of staff with baseline security clearance to work at civil nuclear facilities and a number of staff with advanced levels of security clearance covering work on defence sites.

All of our work is focused on ensuring an ‘intelligent’, capable operator, who understands and demonstrates competence, quality and regulatory compliance throughout the lifecycle of a project.

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Hydrock nuclear capability brochure

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