The Wave, Bristol

A visionary inland surfing destination using cutting-edge ‘Cove’ wave-making technology to provide up to 1,000 waves per hour is under construction having benefited from our full range of multi-disciplinary engineering services.

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From its crowdfunded beginnings, Hydrock has been involved in the development of The Wave Bristol since 2012, providing a full complement of multidisciplinary engineering services.

In collaboration with Spanish technology partner, Wavegarden, The Wave is creating a visionary inland surfing destination which will be Europe’s first full-size Wavegarden Cove facility using cutting-edge ‘Cove’ wave-making technology to provide up to 1,000 waves per hour, generating heights between 0.5m and 2m.

A landmark destination

The facility will include six different surfing zones offering waves of different size and power for up to 80 users at one time, encouraging people of all abilities to experience the joy of surfing.

The facility will also house a surfing lake, clubhouse, restaurant, camping grounds, woodland walks, and food and sensory gardens.

Hydrock's project management

Coordinated by Hydrock’s Programme Delivery team, our multi-disciplinary expertise has been instrumental in supporting the project from conception through to detailed design, including being appointed as Principal Designer.

Multi-disciplinary engineering delivery

Following our initial ground investigation and planning support services, Hydrock has since been engaged to deliver geotechnical, transportation, flood risk, civil and infrastructure, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering services. We are currently taking the project through to construction.

Structural engineering design

In addition to the facility’s clubhouse and pier, Hydrock’s structural engineering team has designed the structural elements of the lake including a fibre reinforced slab, significant retaining walls and most notably a 100m viewing platform that extends into the lake for visitors and spectators.

Building services, energy and utilities engineering design

Our building performance engineering team designed external and internal services, IT and communications systems. At the pre-planning stage, our work also included lighting, energy and sustainability, acoustics, noise and air quality assessments. Our in-house utilities team overcame significant power supply issues, offering onsite power generation solutions.

Drainage strategy

A site-wide drainage strategy, including a gravity fall under-lake drainage blanket to remove hydrostatic pressure when the lake is empty, was designed by our civil and infrastructure team.

Geotechnical design

Two phases of ground investigation by our geotechnical team culminated in a Geotechnical Design Report and Earthworks Specification. General fill will be placed in landscaping areas with structural fill used behind the retaining walls and beneath the clubhouse.

The site will use a host of innovative designs to create a project that is as sustainable as possible.

The Wave is due to open in autumn 2019.

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Image courtesy of The Wave