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With a tumultuous political year ahead, is the future of the UK truly energy secure?

Josh Bullard \ 13th Feb 2024

Josh Bullard, divisional director of our smart energy and sustainability team, raises critical questions about the UK’s energy security amidst global commitments to transition away from fossil fuels.

While renewable energy has made significant strides, Josh emphasises the need for a balanced approach and resilient infrastructure. The upcoming elections in 2024 add complexity, urging the incoming government to prioritise long-term security over short term gains.

Josh comments:

Energy security should be a top priority for the incoming government, alongside the development of a diverse, decarbonised energy infrastructure portfolio, enabling the UK to reach its net zero targets. This is a time for confident leadership, trusting engineers and scientists with the expertise to develop long-term solutions.

Despite ambitious targets set by the Johnson government, recent political decisions highlight uncertainties in green energy policies, emphasising the importance of stability and increased investment.

Josh advocates for a diverse energy portfolio combining nuclear and renewables, while addressing challenges such as the need to rapidly roll out onshore wind projects to ensure the UK has a secure supply, and the outdated market structures and lengthy infrastructure development timelines.

Drawing insights from global experience, he underscores the importance of proactive leadership, long-term planning and policies fostering innovation for a sustainable, self-sufficient future.

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