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Guest podcast: Innovative ways to maximise asset potential

30th Aug 2022

Change is in the air for the retail sector.

As online sales skyrocket and the high street struggles to adapt, the sector is facing unprecedented challenges.

However, there’s an extraordinary opportunity right before our eyes, especially when explored through a green lens.

As such, landlords are increasingly looking at how they can maximise their assets in a way that responds to societal and environmental shifts.

Our Director of Innovation Delivery, Chris Bowie-Hill joined Chris Lloyd, Investment Director at Glenbrook, for a chat with Place North West.

Listen to the Place Podcast and hear them discuss how to turn retail estate into environmentally friendly, bustling, thriving assets once more.

From dark kitchens and last-mile logistics to battery storage and EV charging, there are ways in which surplus space in a single building or entire shopping park can be used to increase a property’s money-making potential.